Dr. Joe Newell is an expert at restoring teeth with cast gold or gold foil restorations. These restorations can be placed so that they are hidden from view. Very little gold is visible.

Why would you want gold? Unfortunately, this is dentistry’s best kept secret in this era of cosmetic procedures. Why gold? Because it is the most bio-compatible and longest lasting material to restore teeth. It has virtually the same coefficient of expansion as tooth enamel. It also has the same wear rate as tooth enamel. It requires less tooth reduction thereby lessening the restoration trauma to the tooth. Gum tissues react best near gold.

As life expectancies increase, you want to use a material that will last a long time. Gold restorations can last a lifetime. Typical crowns and fillings last only one-fifth the amount of time compared to gold! We want you to understand this gold restoration option, and yet still feel free to choose among all your alternatives.

Gold restorations can make your dental work over a lifetime more affordable. Some of Dr. Newell’s most enthusiastic patients are engineers, architects, and other professionals that have understood the long term physical advantages of gold restorations.

Dr. Joe Newell’s motto is “Fix your teeth once and forget about it!” He likes to call gold restorations a “Retirement Plan for Teeth.”

Learn more about gold dentistry and obtain valuable patient resources through the Dental Gold Blog, authored by Dr. Newell.